Wood Flooring Accessories

Flat Beading

Flat Strip 2Flat Strip 1
Flat strip are suitable for covering the movement gaps between the wall, skirting board, nosing and wood floor boards.Flat beading are used between wood floors boards where the movement gap is required. The thickness of flat strips varies between 5/6mm the width varies between 43/65mm.

L-Beads & L-Sections

L-Sections are used for covering the ends of the floor board on all 4 sides if it necessity. L-Sections are available in following heights  7mm/14mm/20mm.L-Beads are used to cover all 4 sides of the floor board and have the same height as the floor plank. The L-Beads comes in following heights 14mm/16 mm/20mm/29 mm.


Universal NosingTG Nosing
Tongue and groove standard construction nosing are using for covering the wood floor board ends and stair case elements like treads, wall stings, balusters. It is available in following thicknesses 14mm/16mm/20mm. Tongue and groove universal construction noising is used to cover the wood floor plank ends and staircase elements like risers and treads.

Pipe Covers

Unfinished Pipe CoverFinished Pipe Cover
Pipe cover are fitted around the radiator pipe that goes in to the floor and provides a Clean Finish. Pipe cover come at various sizes depending on the pipe diameter.

Ramps / Reducers / Thresholds

The Reducers are used to create a clean finish for the crossing between the wood flooring and different floor materials like floor tiles, carpets, marble and other type of materials. The heights vary depending the specification of the project. Standard heights come at 20mm and 10 mm ; 15mm and 9 mmWood floor ramps are used on the height discontinuity between wood floor planks and the existing subfloor surface. The standard height of wood floor ramps come at 7mm,14mm and 20 mm.

Scotia and Quadrant Beading

Scotia Round BeddingQuadrant Beading
Scotia and Quadrant Beading comes with the following specifications 19mm x 19mm x 2.4mm. It is used for covering the movement gaps between the wood floor planks and skirting boards as well as moldings and walls.Solid Hardwood Scotia Beading comes with the same specifications as Scotia and Quadrant Beading (19mm x 19mm x 2.4mm). . It is also used for covering the movement gaps between the wood floor planks and skirting boards as well as moldings and walls.

Skirting Boards

Skirting Board
Skirting Boards are used to cover the lowest part of the interior wall. The purpose of the skirting boards is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the wood floor. It can have different design, thickness, shapes and profiles depending on the requirement.

T-Bars / Thresholds

T-bars are used to cover the movement gaps between same level wood floor surfaces.