Wood Flooring Construction

3 Oak Wood Flooring Construction

This is a unique, exclusively designed and engineered wood floor. It consists of three solid layers of oak wood that have been glued together. This is done by combining and adapting the traditional solid oak flooring, with the conventionally oak engineered flooring and bringing it into the 21th Century. With the use of new technology, 3 Oak flooring have been able to progress the engineered method, which allows you to use this type of flooring in high moisture areas or under floor heating areas. Extra Stable Engineered Wood Floor The 3 Oak Floor is a construction of three solid layers of natural oak, bonded together by the use of an ecological ultra-strength adhesive. This is done under extremely high pressure to form a new type of engineered oak wood flooring structure ideal in all solid floor situations.

Engineered Wood Flooring Construction

Engineered wood flooring is specially designed to provide maximum strength and durability. Each of its planks is made of a hardwood top layer of a thickness of between 4 mm and 8 mm, and a multi-layer birch plywood which is 9mm to 15 mm thick. These are glued together in opposite directions under extremely high pressure. Engineered Wood Flooring The Engineered wooden flooring has the same appearance to that of a solid wood flooring, once it’s laid down. It also offers the sturdiness and longevity that a solid wood floor offers, although it has a much greater stability due to its engineered construction. The Engineered wood floor has the same appearance of a solid wood floor once laid as well as the sturdiness and longevity that a solid wood floor offers, although has a much greater stability due to its engineered construction This is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with under floor heating system or where floating floor installation is preferred.

Solid Wood Flooring Construction

Solid wood floor is made from a single piece of solid wood timber. Solid wood flooring is available either unfinished or in a variety of finishes. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial use; if it is well taken care of it can have an extremely long life. Due to its resistance to abrasions, it is the most preferred in kitchen flooring. Solid Wood Flooring Solid wood flooring is load bearing and can be sanded, resealed and refinished many times over its lifetime. Solid wood flooring can be joined together with a tongue and groove fitting. But the most common method of installation is to stick down using an elastic adhesive or to secret nail. Due to solid wood floors expanding and contracting, it should not be floated on top of a flooring underlay. Also the solid wood floor is not suitable for use over floor heating, it is also not recommended for installation directly over concrete subfloor base.