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Wood Floor Profiling

Torque and Groove The tongue and groove fitting system is the most universally used.  3Oak mostly use this system for customers’ floor installation.  Flooring embedded with tongue and groove system is convenient to fit and available for both multi-ply engineered wood flooring and 3 oak solid flooring. If a wooden plank has a tongue at one end, then the other one must have groove for interlocking or fitting. Both planks have a square interlocking system that runs down the lengths at opposite ends. The system is actually a unique woodwork joint.  It has adequate space for spreading adhesives which allows for tight fitting. Since, this kind of joint is very difficult to make, it would always be wise to buy wood flooring with this kind of joints already in it. All of our flooring arrives with this installation system. Without proper machinery and skilled craftsmen, it is very difficult to make this joint on site.  There are many advantages of this system despite having few demerits. The main advantage of this system is that it helps to join the pieces extremely tight, even with less amount of gluing or nailing. This system become water-tight when it is painted with a perfect coating. It is impressively strong and even carries aesthetic values. There are very few defects of this installation system, it would be quite hard to use this system with boards that have swollen because of humidity. We have to be careful since tongues can get broken easily. It is very difficult to perform disassembly of the planks that have been attached with this system as it might require some significant breakage. Tongue and groove flooring system can be used either by secret nailing, gluing down or floating as it works resoundingly well for all the three methods of floor installation. We also use three different s of methods of flooring in our company. They are gluing down, secret nailing and floating. Some of the subfloors we use are wood-based, vinyl, concrete subfloor and tiles subfloor.)