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Wooden Flooring Widths

We have real oak wood flooring having widths ranging from 140 to 300 mm. Whether it is solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring, both are divided into 2 types based on their widths. They are: Strip flooring and Plank flooring. Our company has introduced both width floorings in the market. Depending on their width differences, they have different suitability.

1) Strip flooring:

It is the kind of flooring which makes us feel our room has more space and is wider even if we are not staying in small rooms. It is the most commonly used flooring board widths in both locations: commercial or residential. In the past, all houses had this kind of flooring because of lack of other options. If it is used in newly constructed houses in narrow rooms, it will instantly add a contemporary look and linear effect. If used with appliance of a uniform color on the top of the surface or by topping wood grain with a shining and clear finish, then it can definitely enrich and enhance your modern and contemporary look to the major extent. The board width used commonly in this flooring is always less than 3”.

2) Plank flooring:

It is the flooring with wide boards. It works well in a wider area. It gives wide rooms a country look. Despite creating linear effect in a room, this flooring doesn’t make it look spacious like in strip flooring. It is made from floor boards having width of 3 to 8 inches. Due to its broad width, it gives a room the feel of traditional or country style. It would be wise not to use this flooring in a small room. Its use in a small room creates a negative impression as it makes the room look narrow with less space. For large room, it gives the cozier feel when installed in the room. No matter whatever you choose, we can deliver you the cheapest solid wood flooring in UK. Floating: In this way of floor installation, initially a layer of 2 to 4 mm is laid attaching to the existing subfloor with an underlay tape. Above the wood floor underlay, we lay a new floor. Then the board’s tongue is fitted properly into the grove of upper plank. Then using PVA glue, we attach them together. Secret Nailing: It involves nailing the floor board to any wooden joists or sub-floors. The nails are driven down the grove and by slotting the tongue into the groove, the nails are hidden. Gluing: It involves making the wood floor adhesive to the sub-floor by placing a layer of adhesive gums or anything. 140mm - 180mm - 220mm - 240mm - 260mm - 300mm Engineered Flooring