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Eco Friendly Wood Floors

Smart SolutionEco Friendly

At 3 Oak Wood Flooring we recognise the need for eco friendly wood floors.

Choosing a wood floor is one way of being environmentally responsible and choosing one from 3 Oak Wood Flooring means making the smart and greener decision.

Eco Finishes

All of our finishes have met the most stringent ecological criteria as per Directive 2004/42/CE and complies with the European Eco-label environmental requirements and European Standard EN71.3 making all of 3 Oak Wood Flooring finishes both User Friendly and environmentally friendly.

Leaving Nothing to Waste

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most perfect wood floors, but with manufacturing comes an element of waste, at 3 Oak nothing goes to waste. Any portion of logs or off cuts not suitable for our flooring gets reused to create biofuel. This fuel is then used to heat our own premises as well as the local community and businesses, so everyone can enjoy the warmth of our recycled wood.

Clean Production

3 Oak Wood Flooring prides itself on the number of innovation introduced in our factory aimed at lowering our air emissions. A clean production plant is not only good for the environment – it also benefits the people that work in the factories.

Efficient Delivery

All of 3 Oak’s wood is sourced locally to the factory this is in kept with keeping transportation to a minimum. The wood is then pre-cut in order to fit our production. This procedure generates more efficient packaging and use of space.