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Engineered Wood Flooring for Kitchen

These days, we frequently supply our customers with wood floors in their kitchens. One might think that having wooden floors in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster, and there are certainly a few challenges that you can read about here. In most cases, however, you can avoid problems by following these simple steps:

Choose “Engineered Flooring”

Engineered floors, unlike solid wood floors, have a multi-layer construction that make the boards far more rigid and stable (and thus less likely to warp or bow).  This means that the flooring will resist the fluctuations in heat and humidity that are often found in kitchens, and more especially in those with underfloor heating or a cast iron cooker. For anyone looking to create either a modern or more traditional-looking kitchen, engineered wood flooring is a great option.

Make Sure the Floor Has Good Protection

The kitchen is usually a high traffic area. People congregate in the kitchen and tend to socialise while preparing food. Because of this, you need to have durable floor protection to withstand wear and tear. Our hard-waxed flooring comes factory prefinished and we test it for durability.  In the case of spillage, your flooring should be protected from staining for up to 24 hours.

Talk to a Specialist

We are highly experienced and know all ins and outs when it comes to wood floors. We will help you to choose the best floor for your kitchen and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

Finally, a good quality engineered wood floor can last for decades as long as it’s properly looked after. Over time, minor wear and tear will only add to its character and charm.